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A few years ago Ford was releasing the Atlas concept truck which basically preceded the production model of the F. However, ever since it was released .If we take into account that Ford Atlas has neither been presented nor it has been announced for sales, we are brought to the conclusion that there are..On the inside, Ford Atlas features an updated interior that feels both modern Duty Truck Price and Specs Ford Escape Review and Release date .

A few years ago Ford was releasing the Atlas concept truck which basically preceded the production model of the F150. However, ever since it was released rumors about a fuel efficient version started to appear and not that long ago some of these rumors added some real information into the mix. It seems that the 2016 Ford Atlas might be another concept to showcase Ford’s future powertrain options for the F150 series of trucks. There are still very few details about it but it seems the truck might be the future diesel everyone is waiting.

We do expect the new Atlas to feature pretty much the same body style as the current F150 with a few differences. Just like the original concept, the truck is likely going to feature fuel-efficiency measures that should go well with its new powertrain. There is still no word on the availability of the truck or even the price.

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2016 Ford Atlas Price

We are pretty sure though that by 2018 the truck will be available for sale while its price might start around $40,000. This is certainly quite a bit more than many of its competitors but it should be a good starting point considering all the technology it is going to feature.

New Design

Like we said, the design of the 2016 Ford Atlas is expected to be pretty much identical to the regular model. We expect a similar grille and bumper design, similar headlights and a similar feel in general. However, in the front, the bumper might get two additional intakes for its new engines. These will close when the engine doesn’t need the extra fresh air in order to save fuel. On top of that, the grille might get a slightly revised design with automatic shutters. These should make it more aerodynamic in certain situations and it should allow for a small boost in its efficiency. Some also suggested that both its air-dam and also the underside are going to be redesigned in order to make it more aerodynamic.

2016 Ford Atlas Interior

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Unfortunately, the cabin of the Ford Atlas is going to be pretty much identical to the regular F150, so don’t expect any real changes here. The truck will likely feature the same dashboard, seats, and driving position. The differences will come with new eco-friendly materials, better technology packages as well as slightly nicer upholstery even on the most basic model.

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Now, let’s move to the most interesting fact about the 2016 Ford Atlas, its powertrain. Like we mentioned above, Ford is planning on adding an entirely new engine to the F150 range. Well, it seems that this engine might be first released on the upcoming Atlas concept truck. This new engine is expected to be an entirely new, at least for Ford, 3 liters twin-turbocharged V6 diesel engine. This would be a similar unit to Jaguar’s diesel but it would be tweaked in order to better fit the US truck market. For starters, the engine is expected to get slightly more efficient, more powerful as well as lighter.

Ford is planning for around 260 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque, more than pretty much any comparable engine out there. Also, thanks to the fact the Jaguar V6 already fits pretty much all Ford transmissions, it means that it will very likely be offered with a 10 speed automatic. This and the fact that it is a diesel means that the Ford Atlas might finally get the magic 30 MPG number on the highway. This won’t be just the engine. All the aerodynamic changes we mentioned are also expected to be found on the production model. If Ford manages to get this in time, then they should have no problem destroying all of their direct competitors.

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