2016 Ford Excursion Release Date, Price, Velociraptor

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The Ford Excursion might change that as it is expected to differ even from its close sibling, the future Expedition. The car could get some of the..Specifications. Base Ford F Lariat Pick up Truck with .L V hp gas engine VelociRaptor SUV conversion includes doors Rear cargo .The Ford Excursion is rumored to be very competitive when it comes out in the market. Hennessey VelociRaptor SUV Image Similar to other specs, the automaker has not made public details on the models price or release date..

Because the Excursion has been discontinued for more than a decade now many customers turned to GM which kept the Suburban on the market for a much longer time than Ford. Even though the Excursion did sell quite well, it has been removed from the market in order to allow Ford to focus on their trucks so if you want an Excursion now then you’re in bad luck as the only real alternative is a GM product. Not too long ago though an American manufacturer started to offer conversion kits which come pretty close to the original which also used an SUV body on a heavy duty truck frame.

2016 Ford Excursion VelociRaptor Price and Release Date

The Hennessey VelociRaptor SUV is basically the modern-day interpretation of the Excursion but unfortunately, it starts at over $150,000 so it is not really a good choice for those looking to get a rather inexpensive SUV with the ability to carry eight people. Instead, it seems that a 2016 Ford Excursion might surface later this year as a version of the future Expedition. This means that instead of using the heavy duty chassis of Ford’s trucks the new model might use the lighter chassis of the all-new F-150 together with the aluminum body of the Expedition. The end result would be a much lighter and more manageable SUV that would cost less than most of its competitors, so it would give Ford a good start on the market despite being quite late to the party.

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Ford Excursion Specs

The main reason why the first model of the Excursion failed to stay afloat on the market was the very poor fuel economy and the rather unimpressive interior which was basically identical to that of its truck counterpart. In order to make the 2016 Ford Excursion succeed, we expect it to get an entirely new interior that should be a lot more different than what the F-150 or the 250 use and on top of that, it will also use a new engine and transmission to allow the massive SUV to use a lot less fuel than before.

The best contender for it would be Ford’s 3.5 liters turbocharged V6 petrol engine which is currently being used on a large selection of their cars. However, we believe that the Excursion is going to be better off with Ford’s upcoming diesel which has been in development for quite some time and it is expected to first debut on the F-150. This would be a 3 to 4 liter V6 unit which could provide up to 300 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque while being able to offer up to 25 MPG on average, basically solving the initial problem of the Excursion. Like with most other future rear wheel drive Ford cars, the Excursion is also going to make use of a 10 speed automatic as its transmission.


The car was never that pretty considering that Ford first thought about utility and later about looks. The 2016 Ford Excursion might change that as it is expected to differ even from its close sibling, the future Expedition. The car could get some of the design traits found on the F-Series trucks but expect it to get a more aggressive and likely better-looking design.

2016 Ford Excursion Interior

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Its biggest selling point will definitely be the interior which will not only have to house up to eight people but it will also have to do it in comfort and also it will have to be able to take in all the luggage of its passengers. Over the current trucks, the car will likely benefit from better materials and a new look for its dashboard which we are first going to see on the upcoming Expedition.

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