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There have been many rumors about the future Ford Falcon and its replacement. Some suggested that Ford would bring in Australia a more interesting .The exterior is going to be the biggest change on the new Ford Escape which is The interior, on the other hand, will likely change a bit more and even though the basic READ Ford Bronco Price, Release Date, Design The Falcon has been Ford s large sedan offering in Australia for quite some time .Design Exterior and Interior of Ford Falcon XR. The changes on the latest Ford Price and Release Date of new Falcon Ford. The latest Ford Falcon still .

The Falcon has been Ford’s large sedan offering in Australia for quite some time now and unlike some of their other cars, it was built in Australia. However, they ceased production and the last model to hit the market was the limited edition Sprint. The replacement for the Falcon is the Mondeo but it doesn’t really cut it as a large powerful sedan. Because of that, there have been many rumors about the future 2017 Ford Falcon and its replacement. Some suggested that Ford would bring in Australia a more interesting rear wheel drive sedan. Other on the other hand suggested that the Taurus would be a great addition to this market.

Which one is it?

So far it still is unclear if Ford will ever release a successor for the Falcon. However, if they will, the most probable one would be the Taurus. This car has been released in China not that long ago and it is based on the same platform with the Mondeo. This front wheel design allows for more interior space, better efficiency and a cheaper build process. The Taurus is also similar in size to the Falcon and it can be had with a similar level of performance. The drawback here is the price. While a mid-range Falcon was around $40,000 in Australia, the Taurus could be much more expensive than that, especially if it will not be made in Australia but in China or the United States.

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2017 Ford Falcon Design

All the models of the Falcon, with the exception of the last one, featured a rather conventional design. The 2017 Ford Falcon might receive a similar look to the recently discontinued car. How? Well, both of them would use the exact front grille and a similar setup for their headlights. However, the new one would be slightly boxier than its predecessor which was one of the curvier cars out there. This is because the new Taurus looks a lot like a stretched version of the Mondeo with a boxier appearance. Well, if this will be the case for the new Falcon then we really hope that Ford will manage to offer it at a great price. If they won’t be able to do that then the car might fail. One of the stronger points of the Taurus platform has been the interior. This is well known to being larger and more comfortable than that of the older Falcon. On top of that, the new car might even become available in a stretched version thanks to the highly modular chassis.

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Engine of 2017 Falcon

This is one of the most sensible aspects about the rumored 2017 Ford Falcon. The previous car has been available with a range of inline 4, inline 6 and V8 engines which rivaled any other muscle car. However, this will simply not be possible on the front wheel drive platform of the Taurus. Instead, the new car will have to do with inline 4 and V6 engines. The old Barra inline 6 and even the Modular V8 will be gone which is a real shame.

The good part is that Ford now has a 3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 which is capable of 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. This is more than some older inline 6 engines. However, it can’t match the output of the V8 or even the sound and feel of that engine. Another drawback is that the older inline 6 engines supported LPG conversions. The new V6, due to its highly efficient direct injection, won’t. This is a rather large drawback as LPG is more than two times cheaper than gas at times. However, it should still be quite capable of improving fuel efficiency over the older inline 6 and V8 by at least 20% which is still pretty good.

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