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Ford Ranger most of the design elements will likely be the same as those on the European truck but the equipment level will definitely change..Ford Ranger Internationally available actually be the second model of its generation. Also available in USA with .sel engine with the price of. New design is also promising. Frontal fascia takes Apart from revised infotainment system, Ford Ranger won t offer that many changes regarding available tech..Ford says that the upcoming Ford Rangersel will hit the are provided as well as modernistic exterior and elegant interior design. The dashboard will get huge redesigns, and it will be almost completely changed..

2017 Ford Ranger is almost there!

Designed for the 2011 MY, the current Ranger has been one of the best-selling trucks around the World but it was unfortunately not available on the US market since its release because Ford said that the truck is just too close in size to the F-150 and because it is not built in the US, it would cost just too much. Things changed more recently because the gas became quite a bit cheaper than before and trucks such as the Colorado or even the Tacoma started to sell a lot better than they did a few years ago. This is the main reason why Ford is considering to release their mid-size truck on the US market with the New Ranger.

2017 Ford Ranger Changes

Like with most other cars intended for the US market, the upcoming Ford Ranger is definitely going to go through a few changes in order to be more suitable for the US customers. At first, we expect the truck to be built in the US which would allow Ford to provide a much lower price than if they would import it. On top of that, the chassis is likely going to be altered slightly in order to allow them to install new engines under the hood while most of the interior and exterior could be updated in order to make it more competitive.

2017 Ford Ranger Price

Early suggestions say that the truck could start around $22,000 for a base model which would be quite good if Ford somehow manages to offer the level of luxury and comfort found on the European model.

Exterior Design

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In the 2017 Ford Ranger, most of the design elements will likely be the same as those on the European truck but the equipment level will definitely change. This means that we will likely see the new front and rear seats and the higher end models are likely going to receive Ford’s latest Sync units which are not available on the latest European models. On top of that, the truck is very likely going to be offered only in the Crew Cab version in order to make it a more fierce competitor for the Colorado. While this would be a bold move from Ford, if it pays off then we will definitely see a war between the two largest manufacturers in the World.

In order to make it closer in appearance to the all new F-150, the upcoming Ford Ranger is likely going to become a bit more muscular than it is now. While the three horizontal slats grille should remain unchanged, the headlights will likely be slimmed down while the fenders and the hood will be redesigned in order to give that new look the US market wants.

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2017 Ford Ranger Diesel

The European model of the car uses a selection of diesel engines while in some markets the truck is also available with a rather unimpressive 2.5-liter petrol engine. The US version of the 2017 Ford Ranger on the other hand is likely going to make use of either a 2 liter Eco Boost inline 4 that will offer around 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque or a larger 2.7 liter V6 with as much as 310 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, both more powerful than its direct competitors and likely more efficient as well. A 2.5 liter naturally aspirated mill might be offered for fleets only in order to drop the price of the truck to under $20,000, a move which many manufacturers in the US use. While a 6 speed automatic is likely going to be offered for starters, we really hope that Ford’s latest 10 speed automatic will be offered at least at a later date. A four-wheel drive system will be an option which many might get considering that the Ford Ranger is better in off-road than the larger F-150.

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