2018 Lincoln Town Car Release Date, Price, Design

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Lincoln Town Car would sport a V engine while others said that a V would be more fitting. Even though this has not been confirmed, the car may..View all new Lincoln models . Lincoln Continental Prices The Lincoln Motor Company has defined the American luxury car for almost a sedan which also takes its design cues from the classic Zephyr show again the .Lincoln Town Car Price, Interior, Release Date, Engine Best Car Reviews. The Lincoln Mark Coupe s designers began work on the concept by .

The Town Car was released as a direct competitor to Cadillac’s Sedan de Ville. The car was reasonably successful and it managed to stay alive for more than three decades. However, it was discontinued back in 2011 and replaced by the MKS. The latter was not as comfortable or as large as its predecessor so it was not as successful. Not that long ago Lincoln released the Continental which many people thought it was going to be the 2018 Lincoln Town Car. However, it seems that this is not the case. Instead, the Town Car is rumored to be a standalone model which might be released in early 2018. Unlike the original, the car may be based on a unibody design which is also expected to be used by future high-end Ford models.

2018 Lincoln Town Car Review

Lincoln’s current cars are built on front wheel drive platforms which are great for most cars. However, the front wheel drive cars come with a few drawbacks such as average handling characteristics, small engines and usually a worse ride than some of their rear wheel drive rivals. The platform the Town Car is expected to use will also be used under the future Explorer and a future Lincoln crossover. The base for this platform is expected to be the same platform that underpins the Mustang. The suspension system will likely be upgraded and thanks to the great torsional rigidity offered by it, it should be perfect for these applications.

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2018 Lincoln Town Car Release Date and Price

The 2018 Lincoln Town Car is expected to be released in China and in the USA at roughly the same time. The two models will be mostly identical but there will be some differences such as the engines or the wheelbase. The US model is expected to be targeted at those usually looking at the Mercedes S Class or the Audi A8. GM tried as well with the CT6 but it seems they were not as successful as they hoped. This might mean that Lincoln may aim higher and release from the start a true premium car. Expect the Town Car to cost in excess of $70,000 to $100,000 for certain models. This should give them more than enough room to make the car as good as it can be.

2018 Town Car Design

The original Town Car features a unique design and this should be the case with the new model as well. While they haven’t released much about it, there have been a few renders released which are based on inside information. The car is expected to feature a longer hood than the usual sedan in a similar way to the Porsche Panamera. The front end is expected to feature a large and imposing grille but with clear cues from their other models. The rest of the car will be designed from the ground up in order to be as stunning as it can. The interior will be able to house up to five people but four-seats versions might be released in the future. Here, instead of the usual bland interior, it seems that Lincoln may turn to other manufacturers for help in order to create something truly unique.

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Some suggested that the 2018 Lincoln Town Car would sport a V10 engine while others said that a V8 would be more fitting. Even though this has not been confirmed, the car may receive Ford’s upcoming 5 liter EcoBoost engine. This will debut in the Mustang where it will make close to 750 horsepower. The Town Car version could offer around 500 to 600 horsepower which is more than enough to make it a real threat for all those high-performance luxury sedans from Europe.

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