2019 Ford Explorer Changes, Price, Release Date, Spy Photos

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Ford Explorer is expected to get slightly larger, more efficient and it might even be based on a new platform. The release date is, unfortunately..Ford Explorer Release Date Expected Price. Just when Ford Explorer Interior Redesign Exterior Changes. Depending on .Ford Explorer Preview, Pricing, Release Date. Justin Cupler The Explorer is currently expected to be a full redesign. Because .Motor Trend reviews the Ford Explorer where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy Find local Ford Explorer prices online..

UPDATE: 11/01/2018 – New Spy Photos of Ford Explorer 2019

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lazy placeholder Source:carscoops.com

2019 Ford Explorer – The Explorer is the original crossover and it was once the best selling one in the World. However, times changed and the car is no longer at the top of the charts. However, it still is one of the better offerings on the market which has a really nice blend of performance, space, and affordability. The problem here is that the current version is based on a platform which is more than a decade old. Because of that many suggested that the upcoming 2019 Ford Explorer would be an entirely new car. However, these are just rumors at this point and it remains to be seen what Ford will do.

More details about 2019 Ford Explorer

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Despite that, we would tend to agree that the 2019 model will be a new car. Why? Well, the competition is getting fierce and VW will release their first true large crossover soon. This means that Ford will have to work quite a bit in order to remain among the better selling crossovers out there. The 2019 Ford Explorer is expected to get slightly larger, more efficient and it might even be based on a new platform. The release date is, unfortunately, unknown at this point while the price is still under wraps. However, we might see the car by the end of 2017 or early 2018 which would be in time for the new VW.

Chassis and drivetrain @ New Ford Explorer

The current model is based on an evolution of the front wheel drive D3 platform. The upcoming Ford Explorer 2019 has been rumored to be based on a modified CD4 platform which also underpins the Fusion. This is rather interesting as it would mean it will definitely get lighter. In order to become bigger, Ford will have to increase the wheelbase and make it wider. However, this doesn’t mean it will get much heavier. It seems that the car might lose as much as 500 pounds which would bring it much closer to 4,000 pounds, similar to the competition. Like before, the car should still be front wheel drive but with the new chassis, a better all wheel drive system will become available.

2019 Ford Explorer Changes

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Most people buy the current Explorer for its muscular appearance and SUV-like look. Well, the new model is not expected to change all that much. In fact, it seems that the changes might be minimal in order to keep its customers happy. The extra length, width and likely the lower body will only give it a more muscular appearance than before. Inside the cabin, we should also see major improvements over what is currently available. There will be more space for all seven passengers and the technology level will be on par with the best in its class.

Specs of Ford Explorer 2019

Because the 2019 Ford Explorer will remain a front wheel drive vehicle it means that it won’t be able to house a V8 or larger engine under the hood. On top of that, the CD4 platform is a bit restrictive in this regard. We expect the old 3.5 and 3.7 liters naturally aspirated V6 engines to be discontinued. The 2.3 liter EcoBoost inline 4 will most likely stay as the base offering. Further up the range, a naturally aspirated V6 is unlikely. Instead, we may see Ford’s slightly larger 2.7 liter V6 which can provide 325 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. This is quite similar to the older larger naturally aspirated V6 engines. The top end model should also receive a smaller 3 liter EcoBoost with as much as 400 horsepower. Like before, the top end engine will only be available on the Platinum and Sports models. This should only be available with all-wheel drive and only with an automatic. So far it still is unclear what gearbox the car will offer. Despite that, it might be one of the first to receive Ford’s new 9 speed automatic.

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