2019 Ford F150 Engine, Price, Release Date, Redesign

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Ford F150 is well known as a powerful and strong pickup truck. The hottest rumor is that this pickup truck will be redesigned. So, many people wait for 2019 Ford F150. The next generation of Ford 150 of course will offer some changes. We all expect the better design and specs wholly. However, the company has not released yet until now. So, the following rumors may only help you know the predictions about this new pickup truck.


Talking about 2019 Ford F150 redesign, we cannot separate it from exterior and interior. First of all, let’s talk about the exterior first. There is no information about the body changes. However, we believed that this pickup truck will be lighter than the previous version. But the strength will not be reduced. The lighter weight will affect the fuel economy to be more efficient.


2019 Ford F150 review also includes the interior. For the interior, we cannot say far. However, many sources tell that there will be improvements related to the safety, entertainment and infotainment features. Besides that, the materials will also be more comfortable so that the passengers will enjoy driving inside this pickup truck.


It is good news because 2019 Ford F150 will come with hybrid engine. The hybrid engine will offer the more fuel efficient. Many experts predict for 6 liter per 100 km. For the powertrain and torque, the company has not confirmed yet. However, we believe that this pickup truck will be able to deliver 400 pounds feet of torque or higher. Even more, some sources say that the next generation of Ford F150 will have 420 pounds feet of torque.

Besides reducing the fuel consumption, the hybrid engine is also believed to offer more powerful performance. However, we still need to wait for the test drive to know the real performance. All the rumors above are still the predictions from experts and we should appreciate it.


After knowing the predicted designs and specs, we will see the estimated price. We say it as estimation because the company has not confirmed yet about it. Since many aspects related to the specs are still unknown, it is too difficult to estimate the price. We can only hope that the price is reasonable and can make this new pickup truck stay able to compete with the rivals. We believe that 2019 Ford F150 price will not be too far from the previous version.

Release Date

So, when is this new pickup truck going to be released officially? This pickup truck is hoped to come out in the middle of 2019. However, we can also hope that 2019 Ford F150 will be launched sooner in the early of 2019.

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