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Back in , Ford was showcasing the Atlas concept truck which later became the F truck. However, while it was mostly forgotten by most, it seems that . Ram Power Wagon Who Needs a Ford Raptor? Those rumors proved to be true, as we ve just gotten our first look at the next generation With the Atlas Concept, Ford essentially looked over at GM s new when a trailer is hitched , the truck is loaded with tech designed to both save gas and .Ford Redesign, ford concept, ford atlas, ford f hybrid, . The cabin of the Ford Raptor has been designed in a luxurious and..

Back in 2013, Ford was showcasing the Atlas concept truck which later became the F-150 truck. However, while it was mostly forgotten by most, it seems that Ford may not be done with it. Not that long ago rumors about a Ford Atlas 2017 started to surface. These rumors suggested that the truck may in fact come as a version of the F-150. Even though this is just a rumor, let’s not forget that Ford just showcased the all-new F-150 but they didn’t reveal much in terms of features. This may be because they are waiting for the perfect time to do it. The Atlas would be the perfect opportunity, especially since it was used before by them.

In detail

Back in 2013, the truck showcased Ford’s outlandish all aluminum construction and high strength steel chassis. Even though there have been many saying that an all aluminum truck wouldn’t make it, Ford proved them wrong. The F-150 became the best selling truck on the market and it outsells its competition by a big margin. The Atlas should secure its position even further while opening a new market for Ford.

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What will make it special?

The original concept was a high-tech truck showcased as the future of its class. The upcoming 2017 Ford Atlas may be just that as well. Some even suggested that Ford may install their newest technologies on the future Atlas and later release them on their other models. It seems that the truck may feature things such as active grille shutters, an air-ride suspension that will get it lower to the ground at highway speeds and even self-driving capabilities. The latter has been extensively tested on other models and it may just hit the truck market installed on the Atlas.

Ford Atlas 2017 Design

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The F-150 has just been extensively revised by Ford with the end result being a truck that resembles the original concept. The new FordAtlas 2017 is expected to be mostly identical to the regular top of the range F-150 truck. The front end will feature the same two horizontal slats in its grille but the headlights should now be fully LED lit. Like the concept, the production model may also feature larger 22-inch rims to go with the highway tweaked suspension system. The truck may also receive some unique design cues such as different wheels and even all new paint schemes.

Efficiency is the word

We said that the Ford Atlas 2017 may end up being a truck fully aimed at those looking at fuel efficiency. Unlike the concept, which had a turbocharged gas engine, the production model is expected to sport a diesel. Not that long ago Ford showcased their brand new 3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 diesel which will be sold under the PowerStroke brand. Even though they may say it is a new engine, the 3-liter unit has been used by Land Rover in the past. The engine is known to make over 250 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque which is very impressive for its size. With the help of direct injection, its active grille shutters, air suspension and even lower profile tires, the Atlas should be more than capable to become the most efficient truck in its class. Like the other new versions of the F-150, the Atlas should come as standard with a 10-speed automatic gearbox. Rear-wheel drive will be standard with an optional four-wheel drive model. The latter is also expected to feature state of the art fuel savings technologies such as an on-demand system that will engage the front wheels only when needed. Later down the road most of these features should be available across the F-150 range with the Atlas being the test bed.

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