Ford Mondeo 2018 Release Date, Price, Interior, Changes

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Ford Mondeo is going to be identical to the new Fusion. In the front, it will get new headlights with a slightly more angular design and a twist for..The Ford Mondeo is going to range from $ to just over and there will be some smaller changes only up front and out the back. The Best Medical Alert Systems of Medical Alert Devices | Sponsored Links..A redesigned Ford Mondeo seems to be under development having The Ford Mondeo spied interior is most likely to resemble that of the current model. Read Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan..

The ongoing generation of the Mondeo has been released in 2014, nearly two years after its US counterpart, the Fusion, was showcased. Ford decided to postpone its release due to the car’s quality problems which have been sorted in the most part. However, even now the Mondeo is not perfect and because of that, some people turned away from buying one. Ford is expected to release an update that will solve most of these problems. On top of that, the 2018 Ford Mondeo facelift is also expected to bring some new features to the market. Even though it has not been confirmed so far, we are positive that the 2018 Mondeo is going to be mostly identical to the 2017 Fusion.

Is that good?

For the most part, it is. However, the Fusion still suffers from some problems inherited from the earlier cars and these will more than likely plague the Mondeo as well. Leaving the quality assurance problems aside, the new Ford Mondeo 2018 should be a much-improved car. The interior will be better, the exterior will be revised and its engines should see some upgrades as well. All of these should allow Ford to not only compete with the likes of the Passat. Instead, they should now be more than capable to compete with the 3 Series BMW and the Audi A4.

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Ford Mondeo 2018 Release Date and Price

In order to do that, the price will increase quite a bit. Some rumors suggested that some of its models such as the new Vignale and the rumored ST would cost in excess of €40,000. The release date is still unknown but it may hit the market in the first half of 2018.

The looks

There is no question about the fact that the 2018 Ford Mondeo is going to be identical to the new Fusion. In the front, it will get new headlights with a slightly more angular design and a twist for their lower part. The bumper will also be updated with slightly larger intakes, newly shaped fog-lamps, similar to the headlights as well as a new grille. The hood will be changed as well while in the back the car will get new tail lights and a new exhaust. The rumored ST model should get an even more aggressive body kit, new wheels and tires, a rear spoiler and unique color options.

2018 Ford Mondeo Interior

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Unfortunately here the updated are more than likely going to be kept to a minimum. Ford is more than likely going to focus on improving the build quality of the Mondeo. Expect a better fit and finish, nicer materials and an overall better selection of the available upholstery colors. The infotainment system should be upgraded to their latest Sync Connect.

Under the hood

Most of the engines in the new Ford Mondeo 2018 are going to be carried over from the current car. The 1 liter EcoBoost might be upgraded to 140 horsepower while the 1.5-liter unit could receive a boost to around 180 horsepower. The 200 horsepower 2-liter unit might be completely phased out by the 245 horsepower version. The diesel will likely remain the same as before with the only change being a rumored twin-turbo unit with more than 210 horsepower. The ST Mondeo, on the other hand, will receive a brand new engine. The car is expected to get the same 2.7 liters twin-turbocharged V6 as the US Fusion. This engine is known to make 325 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque which is actually more than some of the higher end BMW and Audi models. With this engine, the Mondeo should hit 60 MPH in around 5 seconds while having a maximum top speed in excess of 150 MPH.

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